#20 – Roman, Revolutions, and Riyadh

Our scholars call for an “out-of-format” emergency episode to discuss Roman’s shocking departure, WWE Evolution, and the PR disaster that is Crown Jewel.


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Tyler and Andrew talk briefly about the biggest mainstream media news weeks in Wrestling history, before diving into the madness of the last 7 days.  (00:45)

Then our hosts discuss the shocking announcement that started last week’s Raw, from the man known as Roman Reigns, about his battle with leukemia. They chat about why this changes the Roman character forever, who will step up in his place, and how the presentation of the show changed in the face of a real moment. Plus, they debate if Dean Ambrose’s heel turn on the same night was in good taste. (05:30)

Next, the hosts recap Sunday’s WWE EVOLUTION pay-per-view, looking at it’s successes, some of the oddities of the presentation of the show, what WWE did to injure this show, and what to do at the next all women’s pay-per-view.  (44:45)

Finally, our hosts try to unpack WWE CROWN JEWEL, by dissecting the WWE official statements on the decision to keep the show going, the talent not present, how WWE will treat the history of the show going forward, what they will do to make up for this, and if it could be the impetus for major changes in WWE’s personnel hierarchy(52:00)

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