#20 – Roman, Revolutions, and Riyadh

Our scholars call for an "out-of-format" emergency episode to discuss Roman's shocking departure, WWE Evolution, and the PR disaster that is Crown Jewel.   Subscribe to our show on iTunes Tyler and Andrew talk briefly about the biggest mainstream media news weeks in Wrestling history, before diving into the madness of the last 7 days.  (00:45) … Continue reading #20 – Roman, Revolutions, and Riyadh

Pro Wrestling Gambling – A Fantasy Sport

A Betting Guide to Hell In A Cell 2018 By Andrew Terrance Kaberline If you’ve learned anything from our podcast this year, it should be that pro wrestling is theatre. It’s not fake, but it’s scripted. It’s not competition, but it’s athletic. It’s not real sports, but you can gamble on it- Wait, what? You … Continue reading Pro Wrestling Gambling – A Fantasy Sport