Much Ado About Wrestling is the show that teaches you how to appreciate the theatrical world of professional wrestling!

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Andrew and Tyler are theatre people (they’ve got the degrees to prove it) and they want to use that knowledge to share their lifelong passion of pro wrestling with you!

Think of this as that fun class you took in college just to learn something new; a scholarly look at how pro wrestling combines the most interesting production aspects of theatre, film, and sport and rolls them into one thrilling package!

Listening to our podcast is proven to add the following skills for use in your daily life:
– A ferocious vocabulary of wrestling terminology
– Mastery of how logic works in the world of pro wrestling
– The ability to see and make comparisons between wrestling and other entertainment

Our listeners even have their questions answered on air under the guise of 100% suspension of disbelief in our “Kayfabe 5000” segment.

“If Wrestling be the food of love, play on!”- William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

(that’s totally the correct quote, no need to look it up)


Andrew Terrance Kaberline is a writer/actor/podcaster. As a writer, he has two produced full length plays under his belt; A List of Irrational Fears For Future Leaders of the World (Frigid NYC 2014 Audience Choice Award Winner) and JERK (The Hive NYC 2017). He is also one of the creators/writers of the Serling Award winning podcast The Grayscale. Andrew was the podcast head honcho for CPT Broadcast, the audio-storytelling arm of Critical Point Theatre. As a producer he has also worked with WNYC, implementing their Radio Rookies curriculum to middle school students around New York City, and produced the Police Athletic League youth reporting podcast, Reporting 101.


Tyler Ward is a musician/actor/general good dude. He is currently a guitarist in Turbo Mansiona Richmond VA-based indie punk pop band. As an actor, he has been praised by publications as “unexpectedly delightful.” We couldn’t agree more.