#19 – Factions

Our scholars remember the great factions in history and explore how they’re used to regenerate a roster and main event scene.


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Tyler and Andrew talk briefly about the pro wrestling world colliding with the geo-political world with WWE’s Crown Jewel event, and if it will actually happen.  (00:35)

Above all else, a good faction should sell t-shirts

Then our hosts give us the word of the day, Faction. They recount the best factions in history, define the character archetypes of a faction, how New Japan and WWE use factions differently, and more. (13:50)

Next, the hosts tackle the problem of Faction member sizes ballooning, by playing name the faction members from the N.W.O, Bullet Club, and other more obscure and convoluted teams.  (55:55)

Then, our hosts jump into the Kayfabe 5000 and answer questions about doppelganger wrestling anchors, the prestige of the upcoming WWE World Cup, and more! A reminder that we will answer your questions in the Kayfabe 5000, just ask us on TWITTER or FACEBOOK (1:13:35)

To close out the show, Tyler and Andrew give out Undercard MVPs, including an Australian and a burgeoning reality star. (1:22:10)


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