#18 – Wrestling Weddings

Our scholars throw on their tuxes and talk a long walk down the aisle through the complicated history of on-air weddings in pro wrestling!


Tyler and Andrew talk about what they’ve learned from going to so many weddings as of late, and how the wedding has been a climactic storytelling element since the days of Shakespeare.  (01:00)

Ms. Elizabeth and Randy Savage

Then our hosts break down the elements of a wrestling wedding, debate if it works best as an ending or beginning of a storyline, the storytelling risks of introducing a wedding, and more.  (3:00)

Next, the hosts highlight their favorite wrestling wedding of all time, the “Match Made in Heaven,” between Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. (13:30)

Not all wrestling weddings are created equal, so we take a look at the PR nightmare that was the first televised gay marriage on national television, between Billy and Chuck (22:45)

Billy and Chuck

To close out the wedding talk, our hosts run down a number of other memorable wedding moments (most involving Stephanie McMahon), and pontificate on which current wrestlers could benefit from tying the knot. (36:00) 


Finally, the hosts dust off the Kayfabe 5000, and answer your questions about Becky Lynch’s hearing, Matt Riddle’s feet, and more! (47:00)

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