#21 – Heat

Our scholars parse through “Heat” in all of it’s subtle forms, and ponder if Brock Lesnar is in danger of generating Go-Home Heat in his reclaimed role as champion.

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Tyler and Andrew talk briefly about the fallout from Crown Jewel, and how Johnny Impact is doing on Survivor (00:45)

Then it’s time for the WORD OF THE DAY: Heat. The scholars discuss the different types of heat, from heel heat, to cheap heat, and then go-home heat. We ponder if Brock Lesnar is going to get go-home heat tonight and through any potential storylines going forward, UFC or otherwise. (09:30)

Next, Tyler puts on his meteorologist hat, and determines the HEAT FORECAST through some of wrestling’s most infamous heat-ed moments. There’s John Cena at One Night Stand, The Fingerpoke of Doom, Elias calling out the Seattle Supersonics, and way more.  (34:30)

Finally, our hosts hop in the KAYFABE 5000 to answer your questions about Ronda vs Becky, The Jericho Cruise, and more! (1:01:20)

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