#78 – Time Limit Draw

The Scholars get pumped for Hangman vs. Danielson 2 by looking at the history of time limit draws, iron man matches, and curfew limits!

The Scholars spend the first half of the show running down all the wrestling supercards that existed in the New Years week. They gush about the very bloody hardcore match between The Bunny/Penelope Ford and Anna Jay/ Tay Conti from the Last TNT Dynamite. Then they recap the shocking news about Roman Reigns before WWE Day 1 and discuss how the fallout from Lesnar’s title win could still lead to the same planned WrestleMania matches. Then they talk a bit about the highlights from night 1 of WrestleKingdom 16, touching on Okada’s return to ace status and Shibata’s return to the ring. (01:00)

Then, the scholars explore the word of the day Time Limit Draw. They look at the recent usage of the draw in AEW leading to this week’s rematch, and ponder about which storytelling device the “ringside judges” will be, a Chekhov’s Gun or a Red Herring? Then they go back to the WWWF days to talk about the power of the draw in the time of Brunno Sammartino, how WWF reimagined the draw with the introduction of the Iron Man match in the 90s, and look at how Ring of Honor brought back the draw to help build their promotion in 2004. Finally, the scholars discuss what the right conditions would be for WWE to bring back the time limit draw in 2022! (33:40)

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