#77 – Hardcore Wrestling

The Scholars get Extreeeeeeeme, by diving head first (through a flaming table) into the history of pro wrestling’s most notorious and violent style.

The Scholars spend a little time with the wrestling news, like Hangman Page’s AEW World Championship victory and upcoming defense against Bryan Danielson, WWE getting into the world of collegiate athletics through NIL programs, the possible end of Johnny Gargano in NXT, and the flaming table spot that finished the Cody and Andrade street fight last week! (01:00)

Then, the scholars look explore the word of the day Hardcore Wrestling. They look at the history of violence in wrestling and when blood became encouraged rather than frowned upon. They talk about the history of practitioners of hardcore wrestling from Wild Bill Curry all the way to Nick FN Gage. They get into the nitty gritty of the artistic merits of hardcore wrestling, and when being too extreme can render those merits absent. They discuss what place hardcore wrestling has in today’s landscape, and what its future might look like. And most importantly, the scholars talk about the best and worst weapons. (29:00)

Finally, Tyler brings back the Kayfabe Machine to answer questions like what kind of booker Freddie Prinze Jr. would be? And, who stole that billion dollar egg that The Rock let Vince McMahon hold? (1:20:00)

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