#79 – The Forbidden Door

The Scholars talk about the history of cross promotion with the news of WWE being the latest game in town to open the “Forbidden Door”

The Scholars talk the unfortunate fiasco with the renaming of WALTER to Gunther and if they think WWE knew what they were doing in making references to a Nazi commander or if they were truly ignorant. Then they talk more positive WWE news with the rumor mill surrounding the Royal Rumble, including the big news that Impact Knockouts Champ Mickie James will be in the women’s rumble and the implication that someone else will walk through the “Forbidden Door” on the men’s side. (12:00)

Then, the scholars explore the word of the day The Forbidden Door. They talk about the ways that WWF and WWE have historically flirted with cross-promotional tactics like the Raw/Nitro simulcast, the Invasion angle, and putting ECW on the payroll. They talk about the times Impact and WCW made inroads in Japan and Mexico, and how WWE has more recently given indies like Evolve airtime. Then they talk about what makes the AEW Forbidden Door feel different, dangerous, or special. They speculate about how long the door will remain open, smaller ways that it could still be part of AEW’s identity in the future, and if it would take WWE going back to their Monday Night Wars playbook to throw the door wide open. (50:52)

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