#53 – Wrestling Masks

Our scholars go through the history of wrestlers who wear masks and the artistic and economic reasons for their use inside the squared circle!

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Andrew and Tyler touch on a few recent wrestling items – including if Bayley and Sasha Banks are the Covid-era wrestling MVPs, what a Big E. singles pursuit is going to look like, and what we make of Rey Mysterio “losing an eye.” (00:35)

Blue Demon, El Santo, and Mil Mascaras

Then, it’s time for the scholars to teach the Word of the Day: Masks. They discuss the early carny examples of masked wrestlers, the explosion of their popularity in Mexican Lucha Libre, and why modern masked wrestlers haven’t found much success in America. They also break down the ways to use masks to enhance storylines, boost merch sales, and build marquee matches. They also take a special look at the career of the first masked Mexican megastar, El Santo (24:00)

Lastly, Tyler and Andrew have their very own “luchas de apuestas” contest (kind of) by answering questions about the campy, b-movie, plot twists from the film canon of El Santo! Why was Santo tasked with fighting the She Wolves? What did the Mummy seek revenge over Santo? What did  producers change Santo’s name to in an attempt to appeal to American audiences? All will be told! (1:20:00)

Santo vs. The Vampire Women

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