#52 – Live vs. Pre-Tape (Plus #SpeakingOut)

Our scholars address #SpeakingOut and WWE’s safety measures, then look at the risks and rewards for taping big shows and matches in advance.

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Andrew and Tyler address the systemic issues of sexual abuse within the world of pro wrestling, as seen in the recent #SpeakingOut moment, and look at the responsibility WWE has to keep the wrestlers safe and healthy during the pandemic. (02:50)

Then, it’s time for the scholars to teach the Word of the Day: Pre-Tape. They discuss the recent spoiling of the NXT title match between Adam Cole and Keith Lee, and speculate if the company will call an audible with a new ending. They also go through some of the biggest moments in pre-taped wrestling history, like Mankind’s WWE title win, and the Hassan angle airing in wake of the London bombings. Tyler and Andrew ponder if there are positives to keeping some wrestling programming pre-taped post-pandemic for storytelling purposes. (25:00)

Lastly, Tyler invites Andrew into the Kayfabe 5020 to answer important questions about enforcing tag team rules in AEW, what the Undertaker will do in retirement, and what practices the Dark Order should be using for recruitment. (53:30)

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