#54 – SummerSlam 2020 (Plus Renee Young and Bold WWE Choices)

Our scholars answer 20 burning questions about WWE SummerSlam and NXT TakeOver XXX, and talk bold moves from WWE like the move to the Thunderdome, Raw Underground, and the plans for Retribution.

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Andrew and Tyler take a deep dive into recent wrestling news items. How big of a loss for WWE is Renee Young’s departure and what will her legacy in wrestling be? As a fan would you rather virtually visit the WWE Thunderdome or physically attend limited capacity AEW tapings? What is working and not working about the Fight Club inspired RAW Underground? And what are the possible directions for Retribution that could be great or problematic? (04:40)

Then, You’ll Never See It Coming!!! We do an old school preview of WWE SummerSlam and NXT TakeOver XXX – We answer 20 burnings questions about the events such as will Randy Orton walk out as champion? How will Retribution be involved? Will Braun or The Fiend turn babyface? Is this the beginning of Sasha and Bayley’s march to WrestleMania? Would it be creatively responsible for Pat McAfee to beat Adam Cole? And More! (42:00)

Finally, before the credits Andrew’s bet about Big E winning the World Title is taken by Sarah, who has some stipulations for the bet that revolve around her new law review podcast, A Hard Look!

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