#43 – Retirement

Our scholars recount the history of retirement matches in pro wrestling, cry through some of the best legit retirement speeches, and try to tabulate how many times Terry Funk has retired.

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Andrew and Tyler recap the Royal Rumble and discuss who was impressive, the unique structure of the men’s rumble match, and the return of Edge. (2:00)

Then, our scholars give a vocab lesson with the word of the day, Retirement. They talk about the sliding scale of kayfabe-ness in wrestling retirements, and why it seems that no one ever stays retired for good. They also discuss Terry Funk and his views on retirement, and go over the best retirement matches and speeches through wrestling history. (21:15)

Finally, Tyler brings out the Kayfabe 5020 to answer such important questions like is there an Irish faction brewing in WWE, who would be the best wrestlers to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show, and which whistleblowers might be leader the Dark Order. (54:30)

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