#42 – Booker

Our scholars look at how the position of booker has changed over time, and what it means for performers like Marty Scurll to become bookers in their prime.

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Andrew and Tyler recap some important news items like AEW Dynamite having their contract extended, and the high highs and low lows of the past week in the life of Tessa Blanchard (7:00)

Then, our scholars give a vocab lesson with the word of the day, Booker. They talk about how this term relates to the news of Marty Scurll re-signing with Ring of Honor as both a performer and booker, and what it means for indy wrestling as a whole. Then the scholars talk about the troubled history of bookers who also perform, how the responsibilities of booker have been divided up in the era of larger wrestling companies. Then, the scholars look back at the best and worst bookers in history from Gedo to Jim Herd, and from Vince McMahon to Vince Russo.(18:15)

Finally, with the help of an Alexa (Amazon, not Bliss), the scholars set the clock and do a preview of this weekend’s Royal Rumble. They walk through the few people who can win the men’s rumble, and why you should expect more NXT entrants than surprise entrants, then they try to anticipate the wide-open field for the women’s rumble, and debate where Becky vs. Asuka will be on the card and if this will be the end of the Bryan and Wyatt storyline (59:48)

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