#41 – World Title Belts

Our scholars Tyler and Andrew look at the history of championship belts in pro wrestling history and how they’re used to build characters and advance storylines.

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Andrew and Tyler start the show with a look at WrestleKingdom 14 – Who looked good? Where does New Japan go forward? And should WrestleMania copy the two-night format? (5:00)

Then, our scholars give a vocab lesson with the word of the day, World Title. They talk about the history of belts as a prize in combat sports going all the way back to the beginning of our country, the oldest belts in pro wrestling, and why they came into existence. Then the boys transition from history to current day, talking about how titles are best used to improve the stock of wrestlers and storylines, whether the more recent WWE trend of not having the World Title in the main event devalues titles, and ways that the prestige of titles can be pumped-up in the future. (18:20)

Finally, Professor Tyler Ward dusts off the Kayfabe 5000, and reveals the new and possibly improved, Kayfabe 5020! To ring in the new year, the scholars contemplate what the 2020 resolutions should be for a number of superstars including Brock Lesnar, Tessa Blanchard, MJF, and more! (1:04:50)

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