#40 – CM Punk Returns

Our scholars Tyler and Andrew look at the past, present, and future of the straight-edge superstar turned Fox Sports talking head, CM Punk.

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Andrew and Tyler start things off by checking in on this Sunday’s Survivor Series and how the integration of NXT into brand wars is going, how AEW pulled off reviving Bash at the Beach, and proof that Jeopardy James Holzhauer is a Scott Steiner fan (08:30)

Then, our scholars transition to the return of CM Punk. They talk about who his character is and what his lasting legacy on the modern trends of WWE superstars are. They talk about his most memorable matches, promos, and moments. Then they chat about why his return to pro wrestling is such a big deal, even if it’s just as a studio analyst. Then finally, they dare to fantasy book what a return to in-ring action would look like, including the low odds of such a venture. (29:00)

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