#44 – Cage Match

Our scholars talk up the history of grapplers being locked inside an unforgiving steel cage!

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Andrew and Tyler recap NXT TakeOver Portland, look at some rumored WrestleMania matches featuring legends like John Cena and the Undertaker, and Andrew proposes a thought experiment inspired by discourse between Dave Meltzer and Baron Corbin. (2:00)

First Recorded Cage Match

Then, our scholars give a vocab lesson with the word of the day, Cage Match. They start with AEW’s first cage match from this week’s dynamite episode before taking a trip down memory lane looking at different cage designs and rule changes. They talk through the storyline situations that make sense for a cage match to occur and try to get to the bottom of why this match type transcends wrestling and into mainstream pop culture. They also look at the best Cage matches and moments from Elix Skipper, to Jimmy Snuka, to Bret vs. Owen, and an infamous I Quit match. (13:20)

Finally, Tyler brings out the Kayfabe 5020 to answer such important questions like alternative strategies to employ in order to win a cage match, why wrestlers are finding it so easy to kick out of finishing moves in NXT, and why it might make sense to steal a competitor’s luggage (1:07:50)

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