#27 – The Main Event

Our Scholars look at the history of Main Events and Main Eventers, but only after discussing what Roman Reigns will do on Raw, and what led Tyler’s girlfriend to get hit in the face at a recent wrestling show!

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Andrew and Tyler run down the wrestling news this past week, including a number of WWE releases, the first match on the G1 Supercard, and the decision to call-up four NXT superstars. (02:00)

Then, our scholars talk about what Roman Reigns will be doing on his Raw return tonight. Will it be good news or bad news? Will it be totally real-life or kayfabe? Will it be in good taste? (10:00)

Next, Tyler recounts his experience at a recent indie wrestling show from NOVA PRO. Tyler met Joey Ryan, fell in love with a new tag-team who loves to quack, and put his girlfriend in the way of mortal danger! (20:00)

Finally, we break into the Word Of The Day, Main Event. We look at how a main event doesn’t need to actually go on last to classify as one. Tyler and Andrew talk about “main events” in the world of action movies and romcoms. Then we catalogue a long list of the best and worst main events in wrestling history. And finally, we bring it on home with our predictions on what could main event this year’s WrestleMania. (28:20)


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