#26 – Vince McMahon

Our Scholars take a deep dive into the most important person in the history of the professional wrestling industry, WWE’s life force Vince McMahon.

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Andrew and Tyler quickly discuss some potential people who might be on their way out of WWE, including Dean Ambrose. (02:00)

Then, our scholars talk about the boss! No, not Sasha Banks – The actual boss, Vince McMahon! They go through his rough upbringing, look at how his character work with Steve Austin reflects his own real life persona, and seek to answer the question “Is Vince the Shakespeare of wrestling? (6:50)

Next, Tyler plays a game called What Chance In Hell? where we recount some of the strangest rumors and stories about Vince McMahon’s antics over the years, and determine how much truth is really there. Does Vince really love cotton candy? Does he really hate sneezing? And most importantly, did he give his boat a ridiculous name as a present to his wife? (44:40)

Finally, we hop back into the Kayfabe 5000 and get to the bottom of how Vince came back to life after his death-by-limo-explosion, ponder if the Kiss-My-Ass-Club has a newsletter, and much more! (55:25)


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