#28 – The Hall of Fame

Our Scholars look at the WWE Hall of Fame, and struggle with it’s true identity being somewhere between content and a legit accomplishment.

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Andrew and Tyler run down the Word Of The Day, WWE HALL OF FAME. They talk through it’s beginnings, early ceremonies, and return. They look at what makes it different from legit hall of fames, look at the credentials of the announced inductees for this year, and try to decide where they would put a physical location. (03:00)

Then, Tyler attempts to gain entry into the Hall of Fame by playing a game of Are They In Or Out? Tyler is given groupings of various WWE superstars, and has to correctly identify which person or persons is NOT in the hall of fame. Will it make perfect sense? Of course not. (44:00)

Finally, the scholars hop into the Kayfabe 5000 to answer burning questions about Kevin Owens as an everyman, what home improvements the Wyatt family are making to their compound, and what that “f-word” Ronda used in her recent tweets is all about.(55:30)

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