#92 – Tag Teams

The Scholars discuss the history and logic of Tag Team Wrestling

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The Scholars welcome us with some life updates including Andrew’s current very real strike going on. Then they recap a few recent wrestling news items including MJF vs. Ricky Starks from Winter is Coming, the NXT Women’s Championship title change and subsequent release of Mandy Rose, and the PWI 2022 list of top Tag Teams. (01:30)

Then the Scholars discuss the word of the day, Tag Teams. They define what the rules of a tag team wrestling match is, and look back at the earliest tag matches on record. Then they go over the “casting” of tag teams and how they are constructed. They go through the general storytelling arc of the life of a tag team from inception through breakup, and then look at some of the most notable tag teams in history including the Fabulous Freebirds, the Mega Powers, the Rockers, the Road Warriors, The Hardy Boyz, and more! Then they wrap up their tag team discussion by looking into the future to see what can be done to keep a tag team division strong, and ponder what could be a potential WrestleMania main event tag match. (27:31)

And finally, Tyler boots up the Kayfabe 7000 and questions are answered including what is the best tag team finishing move? What is the best way to win a tag team match? Who will eventually beat the Usos for the Tag Titles? And More! (1:23:55)

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Listen to Andrew pitch a Simpsons Series Finale

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