#91 – Full Gear 2022 Recap

Tyler shows his “Ironman” abilities by doing a full solo review
of AEW Full Gear 2022

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Tyler welcomes the audience by giving an update on our future legal episode, and then running down the show match by match in chronological order. Tyler talks about the Zero Hour matches answering questions like who should be the next number one contender and who is Cole Karter??? (03:00). Then Tyler dives into the main Full Gear card! He explores the undercard, including explosive opening matches, the return of The Elite, The ROH four way, Saraya’s return to the ring, and more! (10:00). Finally, Tyler gets to our main events, discussing Jamie Hayter’s win and whether she is an interim champion, the third in the Acclaimed vs. Swerve in our Glory series, the AEW World Championship title change, and the storyline swerves (pun-intended) in each (36:45).

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