#31 – Ladder Match

Our scholars recount the history of the Ladder Match in preparation for sunday’s Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View.

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Andrew and Tyler go back to Stampede Wrestling in the late 70s to look at the history of the Ladder Match. They go into how the storytelling beats of a ladder match differ from a regular bout, then they revisit the pivotal Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels ladder match from WrestleMania X, and finally they go over some of the other stand out ladder matches in history. (04:00)

Then, the scholars discuss the kayfabe creation of the Money In The Bank ladder match, including an argument about whether the cash-in is a good or bad storytelling device, and (45:30)

Finally, our hosts compare and contrast Money in the Bank and Double or Nothing from AEW. What is success for each of these shows? Does the PPV model work for AEW? Will Dean Ambrose show up in Vegas? (52:30)

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