#30 – Brand Split and Shakeup Shenanigans

Our scholars return from their slumber to explore why WWE created the Brand Split, and what the future looks like after a weird few weeks in the ring.

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Andrew and Tyler are back after the end of their WrestleMania Hangover, and they spend a few minutes at the top of the show discussing their thoughts on that entire weekend, now that there’s some distance. (01:10)

Then, the scholars discuss the word of the day, Brand Split. They talk about the state the WWE was in when they first used this concept, why the shift from a draft to a shakeup matters in a storytelling perspective, and which superstars benefited from the recent moves and gimmick changes.(23:00)

Finally, we look at the big board in the Kayfabe 5000 where Andrew and Tyler do a mock draft for their own fictional brands, with pick analysis, wheeling and dealing, and plenty of confusion over the rules. It’s like the NFL draft if it mattered even less! (1:07:10)

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