#09 – WrestleMania 34 Preview (NXT, ROH, and More!)

Our scholars make it a three-peat, with their third installment this week. They take a look at wrestling shows this weekend that are more off the beaten path, starting with NXT, and moving further and further away from WWE. We introduce you to wrestlers you may not have seen, and tell you what you’ve been missing.


Tyler and Andrew begin their final recording of WrestleMania previews by listening to a GOOD WrestleMania theme song and discussing what it would be like for Turbo Mansion to play on the big show.

Then it’s time to preview the 60+ different wrestling shows happening in New Orleans, adjacent to WWE. First they run through NXT TakeOver, which Andrew argues might just have the best match of the weekend on it. (06:30)

Then, we get a little Indy with Ring Of Honor’s Supercard of Honor XII, where the boys run down why Cody vs Kenny Omega is happening at this pay per view, and introduce our newer fans to Dalton Castle. (24:50)

Then, we take it REALLY indy, and run down the various attractions associated with WrestleCon, talking what level of Kayfabe Sami Callihan operates on, what exactly a Joey Janela Spring Break is like, and the wonderful idea that combines Wrestling with brunch. (35:20)

Finally, our hosts jump into the Kayfabe 5000 once more, and talk the future of the Bullet Club, if NXT can compete with WrestleMania, and if you should feel bad for hitting people with baseball bats. (42:10)

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