#03 – Royal Rumble

Tyler and Andrew are in Philly for THE ROYAL RUMBLE. It’s the best match for new fans to get into wrestling, and it’s one of the most surprised filled events of the year.

After hearing the audio from an ill-fated West Side Story inspired Royal Rumble commercial, Andrew and Tyler discuss their initial thoughts on Philly, and explore Tyler’s similarities to Paula Abdul. (00:55)

Then they give a vocabulary lesson with the Word Of The Day, Royal Rumble, and go through the history of the match, why it was a place filler to begin with and how it evolved into an anticipated tradition, and how chaotic of a storytelling feat it is to pull off (04:45)

Then the boys engage in the FIRST ANNUAL MUCH ADO ABOUT WRESTLING ROYAL RUMBLE SHIRT SHOWDOWN. They each pick a squad or wrestlers, whoever does best in the rumble gets to pick a dumb shirt that the loser must wear out of Philly. Within the drafting of wrestlers, the hosts give possible outcomes for the rumble match (28:27)

Tyler then whips out his travel version of The Kayfabe 5000, a machine that causes those who use it to have full suspension of disbelief, and our hosts jump in to answer your real fan questions about the rumble, armpits, and XFL nicknames. Tyler may also make a big announcement about his in-ring career (53:00)

Finally, our heroes quickly run through the non-rumble matches this weekend that interest them  (1:07:00)

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