#02 – Kayfabe

Tyler and Andrew dive into one of the oldest terms in wrestling, “kayfabe”, how it impacts the performance of wrestlers, and how it adapts over time. Also they get into a preview of things to come with their upcoming trip to Philly for the Royal Rumble.

Andrew and Tyler catch us up on their lives; Muay Thai? MagFest? Hot Topic? ROYAL RUMBLE!?

Then they give a vocabulary lesson with the Word Of The Day, Kayfabe, and some of the most infamous moments where it was upheld or broken (06:30)

Then we explore how kayfabe will be handled in the upcoming WWE Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook, where men and women will compete in the ring together (26:15)

Then we take a look at the RAW 25th anniversary show, and discuss the best way to use legendary talent without making the current stars look weaker (34:50)

Tyler then announces he’s fixed The Kayfabe 5000, a machine that causes those who use it to have full suspension of disbelief, and our hosts jump in and discuss the upcoming WWE Championship handicap match, best moments in RAW history, and more (41:30)

Finally, our heroes run through their Undercard MVPs, which includes a welcome reunion and an unfortunate end (59:30)

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