#98 – AEW Brand Split?

The Scholars speculate about the rumored return of CM Punk, addition of a Saturday AEW show, and roster split.

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The scholars start things off with a News Round-up, focusing specifically on the trio of developments in AEW. They talk about the return of CM Punk and what they means for the current status of the AEW locker room. They also discuss what a Saturday programming addition would do for the brand, and how a potential roster split could be incorporated. (03:59)

Then it’s time to do our own AEW Brand Split Fantasy Draft. The scholars go over some ground rules, and then try to accurately draft as if they were The Elite and CM Punk. Who will Tyler take with the number 1 pick? What shocking youngster will Andrew reach for in an early round? (43:00)

Listen to Tyler’s band TURBO MANSION

Check out Andrew’s WRITING

Listen to Andrew pitch a Simpsons Series Finale

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