#83 – WrestleMania 38 Preview

The Scholars answer 38 burning questions about WrestleMania 38

The Scholars talk about the Sweet 16 of the Title Unification Madness bracket. We need YOU, the listeners, to vote for who you think are the best WWE World Champions of all time. Plus, enter for a chance to win a $50 Pro Wrestling Tees gift card by voting!(06:00)

Then, the Scholars spend the first chunk of their preview answering questions about the show as a whole and the very very big main event. Why does WWE keep using the word “Stupendous”? How many finishers will happen in Brock vs. Roman? What is the shocking way Andrew thinks it’s going to end? (11:20)

The Scholars then answer questions about Night 1 and Night 2 specifically, focusing most of their energy on the mystery opponent for Seth Rollins that may or may not be Cody Rhodes, what The KO Show with Steve Austin needs to do to earn Main Event status, and why we expect a lot out of the two women’s title matches. (42:00)

Finally, the Scholars finish off the preview with a look at some of the other events going on during Mania weekend, do some lightning round over/unders, and lay down some predictions. (1:17:13)

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