#82 – Scott Hall and News Round-Up

The Scholars react to the death of Scott Hall, and do quick hits on the various news across WWE and AEW since our last recording

The Scholars hype the new Title Unification Madness bracket. We need YOU, the listeners, to vote for who you think are the best WWE World Champions of all time. Plus, enter for a chance to win a $50 Pro Wrestling Tees gift card by voting!(5:30)

Then, the scholars spend the rest of the hour running down the following news items:
– The passing of Scott Hall (12:00)
– The absence of Cody on Raw in Jacksonville (21:40)
– Kevin Owens and Steve Austin at WrestleMania (30:30)
– Big E breaking his neck on Smackdown (37:45)
– AEW and WWE title changes and faction break-ups (49:30)
– AEW Revolution 2022 review (58:30)
– Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor (1:03:30)
– Swerve, Regal, and Hardy debuting in AEW (1:10:00)

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