#81 – Cody Leaves AEW

The Scholars react to the shocking news that one of the main people behind AEW’s creation, Cody Rhodes, is leaving the company

The Scholars quickly look at the other big rumor that was around the watercooler this week, the potential return of Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania. They talk about how much he has left in the tank, why Austin could still appear without it being an official match, and what we think of his potential clash with Kevin Owens. (1:00)

Then, the scholars spend the rest of their time reacting to the news that Cody Rhodes has left AEW. They ask questions about what the sticking point was that caused this exit, the potential mess between Tony Khan and Turner, and what the correct assessment of Cody’s value to AEW really is. Then they speculate if Cody is going back to WWE, what his value is there, and how we expect him to be used. Is this the beginning of a much bigger WWE/AEW war? Will Cody be at WrestleMania? We attempt to answer these questions (17:00)

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