#75 – Bryan Danielson

The Scholars do a deep dive on the career of one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson.

The Scholars spend a little time talking about WWE Crown Jewel, focusing on what’s next for the new King and Queen of the Ring. Then Andrew shares his experience attending AEW Grand Slam. (1:00)

Then, the scholars look at the career of Bryan Danielson all the way from the humble beginnings through the surprising end, and the even more suprising return! They start looking at how Bryan got the monikers American Dragon and best technical wrestler in the world through his work in the early days of Ring of Honor. Then they reminisce about his first WWE run on the game-show version of NXT and talk about why getting fired for being too violent on TV was the best thing to ever happen to him. Then they go through his memorable WWE run from his storylines with the likes of AJ Lee and Kane, through his battle with the Authority and the Yes Movement, through his sudden retirement and miraculous return. Finally, they talk about what’s left for Bryan to accomplish in AEW and how long they think he will continue to wrestle before hanging up the boots for good. (23:00)

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