#58 – The Intercontinental Title

Our scholars do a rundown of the Intercontinental Title from it’s usage as a starbuilder to its reputation as the workhorse championship.

The scholars do a quick news round up to talk about wrestling babies, AEW getting a demo victory over Raw, and more (02:30).

Then, it’s time for a comprehensive look at the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIPWe run down the nefarious origins of the title, the best and worst ways that it factors into WWE storytelling, and some of the best wrestlers to hold the title and their best matches defending it. (16:30).

Finally, we hop back into the KAYFABE 5020 to answer burning questions like why the intercontinental title hasn’t been defended on Antarctica and who else is sitting at the table with Roman Reigns? (1:04:10)

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