#56 – Women in Wrestling

Our scholars are joined by our AEW correspondent Sensational Sarah to discuss the highs, lows, and future aspirations of women’s wrestling.

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The trio does a News Round Up – going through items like the break-up of The New Day, the cancellation of GLOW, why WWE is suddenly so interested in Twitch Streams, and more! (03:00)

Then, it’s time for a DEEP dive into the history of Women in Wrestling. We go through the luminaries like Mildred Burke, the highs of the Rock N Wrestling Connection and the lows of the Divas in the Attitude Era, and the recent Women’s Evolution. We discuss the best women’s matches, how promotions should go about finding more female viewers, and what the next goal for women’s wrestling should be now that main eventing WrestleMania has been conquered (23:00).

Finally, make sure to listen to Sarah’s new law review podcast, A Hard Look!

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