#49 – Future Endeavors

After a sad week in the world of pro wrestling, Andrew and Tyler try to make sense of the mass releases of the WWE roster, and why this happened.


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Andrew and Tyler go through some various news items including Gronk’s status as 24/7 champion, Being The Elite hitting 200 episodes, and the tournament for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship (01:00).

Then, our boys use the rest of the episode to talk about the word of the day, Future Endeavors. They recount the history of “spring cleanings” and “90-day non-compete clauses,” in WWE’s business practices. Then they talk about the big news, the WWE releases. They speculate about why this happened, to these people, at this time, from this company (17:50).

Finally, they try to get positive, by looking at the best case scenario next career moves for the released superstars (51:45).

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