#38 – The Biggest Week In Wrestling

Our scholars Tyler and Andrew go through the week chronologically looking at NXT’s first two hour USA show, Smackdown’s move to Fox, and the Hell that was Hell in a Cell.

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Andrew and Tyler start things off by comparing AEW and NXT’s first head-to-head night, focusing on the ratings disaster for NXT, what AEW could’ve done to better highlight how it’s different, and if Finn Balor or Matt Riddle are big enough names to draw in casual or lapsed fans. (02:00)

Then, our scholars transition to Smackdown on Fox chatting up the fallout of Brock Lesnar and Kofi Kingston, the heavy MMA presence on the show, how The Rock helped elevate Becky Lynch, and why some advertised stars didn’t appear. (27:45)

Finally, Andrew and Tyler disagree about the controversial main event of Hell In A Cell. Spoiler alert, one of the scholars is with the fans in thinking it was an unmitigated disaster, the other thought it was a pretty great wrestling version of a horror movie. (42:00)

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