#35 – Re-Packaging

Our scholars go through the history of wrestlers being repackaged into new characters, with good and bad results!

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Andrew and Tyler go through some news in the wrestling world, including the Seth Rollins/Becky Lynch engagement, the return of The King Of The Ring tournament, and NXT’s move to 2 Hours on USA Network.  (01:30)

Then, the scholars give us the Word of the Day; Repackaging. They go through the reasoning behind repackaging a wrestler, examples of it in other entertainment forms, and recall some of the best and worst repackages in history. (19:30)

Finally, our hosts Fantasy Book some repackages of current roster wrestlers. Who should lose every match due to odd circumstances? Who should join back up with a particular Club? Who should add a new number to their name? All will be answered!  (1:03:00)

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