#17 – ALL IN

Our scholars do an intense review of everything that made up the unique wrestling extravaganza that was ALL IN!


Tyler and Andrew give their initial thoughts of the storytelling of ALL IN, including the effectiveness of the WGN pre-show, the pacing of the evening, the emphasis on fun, their references to wrestling history, and so much more! (01:15)

Joey Ryan and his…entourage

Then our hosts debate what promotion put on this show, and how to talk to casual/new wrestling fans about non-WWE wrestling in a WWE dominated world, and how ALL IN created a visual language different from WWE productions, and what was so strange about how the card was structured. This leads to a discussion on the importance on collaboration in modern wrestling, how far this idea has come in the last ten years, and the importance of the NWA title  (11:10)

Next, the hosts highlight their favorite moments from the show, and which wrestlers stepped up in the spotlight and increased their pay rate, then they run down all the matches one by one (32:55)

Finally, the hosts ask the big question: What would ALL IN 2 look like? And can it still happen if The Elite make their way to WWE? (47:30)


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