#16 – The Biggest Party of the Summer… SummerSlam 2018!

Our scholars recount the history of WWE SUMMERSLAM and preview the weekend’s festivities, while touching on Weddings in wrestling, NOT TOUCHING anything to do with Randy Orton, and trying to see how many times they can say “biggest party of the summer.”


The boys are back! And now they have tickets to a particular WrestleMania weekend show next year! (it’s not WrestleMania). They talk about this, and do a quick recap of the New Japan G1 Climax Tournament (00:15)

Our hosts stroll down memory lane and explore the history of SUMMERSLAM, including the good (Bret vs. Owen), the bad (Hogan vs. Michaels), and the ugly (Undertaker vs. Undertaker)  (11:20)

Finally, it’s time to preview SUMMERSLAM 2018! They throw on the 30-minute clock and run down the card, highlighting the matches worth watching, explaining what the outcome of Bryan vs. Miz tells us about Bryan’s contract status, and comparing Roman/Brock and Gargano/Ciampa to television shows (22:50)


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