#14 – Meltzer and the Five Stars

Our scholars dive deep into one of the most important behind the scenes wrestling personalities, Dave Meltzer, and explore his match star rating review system


The hosts go back to the classroom, and provide the Word of the Day, Dave Meltzer, (our first proper noun) and explore his position within the wrestling world, how and why he started reviewing matches, his relationships with major promotions and his biases (03:00)

Then we take a look at the most well reviewed and worst reviewed matches that Dave has dished out ratings on, and Andrew becomes temporarily obsessed with Moondog Spot (27:40)

Then it’s time for a new segment on the show, where our hosts look at various changes in the wrestling industry and ask themselves Will It Kill the Business? There’s a pro wrestler who makes low-budget diss-track entrance videos, wrestling cruise ships, the colonialism of WWE’s NXT UK, and Roman Reigns (43:20)

Finally, Tyler and Andrew (and Andrew’s cat) hop into The Kayfabe 5000 and try to accurately guess the star ratings for some of the most infamous matches of all time (1:03:45)

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