#04 – The Road To WrestleMania

The guys pack their bags (figuratively) and try to sort out what will happen between now and April 8th, on the Road to Wrestlemania.

The hosts break the rules a little with a phrase as our WORD OF THE DAY, looking at the concept of The Road To Wrestlemania. They reminisce about some of our favorite builds in the past, going all the way back to Wrestlemania 3, and then talk through the changing format and goal of WrestleMania as a piece of mainstream performance spectacle. (04:25)

Then the boys engage in the futile practice of a WAY TOO EARLY WRESTLEMANIA CARD. They start with a full list of every performer under contract, and try to predict to the best of their abilities what the actual list of matches will be at Wrestlemania this year, armed with the knowledge in their heads, the market and annual trends, and the clues they could muster from the first few post Rumble shows. (23:00)

Tyler then flips on the gas-powered KAYFABE 5000, a machine that causes those who use it to have full suspension of disbelief, and our hosts jump in to answer your real fan questions about the Bullet Club power struggle, the woes of being a General Manager in wrestling, and whatever the hell a “Kenta” is. (1:01:10)

Finally, our heroes hand out their UNDERCARD MVPs which may or may not reference the best day of the week, and a cover of Avril Lavigne (1:09:30)

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