#01 – Gimmick

In the hard launch of the podcast, hosts Tyler Ward and Andrew Terrance Kaberline teach you about gimmicks in pro wrestling, who owns them, and how commitment can turn a bad gimmick on paper into a legendary gimmick in the ring


Tommy Wiseau, an inspiration to Broken Matt?

Our hosts give a vocabulary lesson with the Word Of The Day, Gimmick (05:00)

Then we explore one of the most popular gimmicks of the past year and it’s WONDERFUL return to wrestling, Broken/Woken Matt Hardy. We bring you up to speed on how the character started, why it’s similar to The Room/The Disaster Artist, and how the character will be presented in WWE (11:00)

Not every gimmick can be a winner, as Andrew and Tyler chat about some wrestlers who might benefit from repacking, mainly Dolph Ziggler and Jinder Mahal (26:40)

Then, Tyler introduces his newest invention, The Kayfabe 5000, a machine that causes those who use it to have full suspension of disbelief (34:50)

Finally, our heroes give well earned attention to some minor players who have improved their gimmick in recent weeks. It’s our Undercard MVPs (47:10)

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