#13 – Drawing Money

Our scholars take off their trendy Humanities berets and don their starchy Business suits, talking through exactly how wrestling companies make money, and why that might all be changing in October 2019


The hosts go back to the classroom, and provide the Word of the Day, DRAW, and jump into the history of top guys making money for their promoters, and the transition from territories to television (04:20)

Then it’s time for a speculative Q&A session about how much the wrestling landscape will change in wake of the deal sending Smackdown to Fox! They also look at what WWE’s money grab means for other promotions and special shows like ALL IN (28:30)

Finally, Tyler adds a Flux Capacitor to the KAYFABE 5000, resulting in a trip to the future, and us sharing the most outrageous things wrestling has in store for the next few years. Plus, there’ll be LOTS of Back to the Future references (1:05:00)

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