#05 – Promo Class and Wrestling Camp With Matthew Schott

Our hosts are joined by star of the new improv show The Saga of the Shining Emblem, Matthew Schott. They discuss acting in wrestling promos, and even get a sneak peak of Matt’s show in the Kayfabe 5000.

The Saga of the Shining Emblem debuts at the PIT Loft in NYC on Friday, March 2nd, at 10:30pm. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased HERE

The hosts talk with Matt about his new one-man improv choose-your-own-adventure extravaganza. Then they discuss his experience with wrestling, and his love of camp. (00:35)

Then the boys do a careful review of some of the best and worst promos from wrestling history, with Matt giving notes. There’s the cream of the crop, some math lessons, hard times, and more. (15:30)

Then our hosts present their favorite campy moments from the 80s and 90s, including the wonderfully awful WCW short film White Castle of Fear. We see an appearance of Robocop, and even review Kota Ibushi wrestling a blow-up doll. (49:45)

Finally, while the Kayfabe 5000 is on the fritz, Matt brings his own machine that transports us to a dimension eerily similar to his new one-man show. Tyler battles a wrestler named Joe Volcano. Someone might even die. (1:04:00)

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